Visual Guide Infographic

How To, Comprehensive Visual Guide

In-depth infographic visually lays out how to pick out the right size tie, gives great, quick rule-of-thumb tips on tie length, breaks down neck tie fabric qualities, patterns, colors, dressing for the season, and even includes pointers on neck tie care.

The tone, look, and feel stays consistent with the client’s brand, but also borrows the lightness of the humor-focused blog.


Continue Visual Content Strategy, Increase Social Shares

Niche Audience Blog | E-Commerce Client

With the end goal being to drive tall guys (target audience) from #Tallhacks to the online store, the idea was to create great piece of share-worthy content for the client’s blog after a successful run with a different infographic on Tie Gifting for Father’s Day.

Art Direction
Concept Development
Creative Contractor Management