How Tall Men Solve Their Big Problems

A humorous, easy-to-read blog for a light-hearted men’s apparel brand with a niche target audience; really tall men. #Tallhacks extends longtiestore.com beyond apparel, covering lifestyle tips and daily doses of humor for all tall men (and women — because they buy ties too).

Blogs like this provide clients with a wealth of valuable web assets that can come in handy in the future. They can be repurposed, reposted, or used to build ideas from. It’s also valuable to viewers — a friendly, helpful resource driven by our original intent: reach the people looking for products (extra long ties) that caters to their need (because short ties are awful).

Content Strategy

The blog’s job is to subtly increase longtiestore.com’s brand exposure and create positive association through relevant, helpful how-to’s and fun reads.

The blog’s end goal is to increase authority and rankings in terms of SEO, garner social attention, gain a solid readership that yields returning users that click through to the store, and ultimately increase purchase conversions.

Art Direction

Graphic Design

Topic Selection

Copywriting, Blogging

Publication, Curation

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neck tie tips visual guide

Tie Tips Visual Guide [Infographic]

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Of all post types used on this blog, infographics were a hit content type in reaching the tall audience and provided lots of creative opportunity to cover mundane topics in fun, visual ways.

This “visual guide” was a natural follow up piece to the first infographic, How To Pick a Tie, which received thousands of re-shares and was featured in an Esquire article just in time for Fathers Day.

Costumes Only Tall People Can Pull Off
20 Funny Jokes for Tall People lindsay kaymen portfolio

Humor + Multimedia [Posts]

Costumes Only Tall People Can Pull Off [Post]

Just in time for Halloween, this “Best of” post chock full of ideas lays out the winners of multiple categories, each with a slideshow to paint the picture. From totem poles to small-tall duos like, the post goes down the rabbit hole in search of the best and most creative Halloween costumes for tall people.

After scanning buzzfeed and mashable style lists, hitting Pinterest, and searching google images, there was still room for better ideas. It was time to actually ask the tall community; visiting personal blogs, putting in requests, texting tall friends, and asking the tall community on reddit’s /r/tall.

  • Best Creative & Unique Costumes
  • Best Pop Culture Costumes
  • Costumes for Duos: Fictional, Cartoon
  • Costumes for Duos: Fictional, Movie Character
  • Honorable Mentions

20 Funny Jokes for Tall People

Each post let us cover a wider breadth of keywords untapped by the e-commerce site alone, increasing search presence. Ready to share and curate, the content reached target users via big social media like Facebook and Pinterest by tapping into the groups and pages feature and piggybacking on the success of existing board and pinners.

This post became the top visited page on the blog and drives the most traffic via social referrals and organic search. This post also includes a slideshow and sections covering funny jokes of different shapes and sizes.

  • Tall Jokes in Memes for Your Viewing Pleasure
  • One Liner Tall Jokes
  • Q&A Tall Jokes
tall product adaptations post
luggage handle extender
LINDSAY KAYMEN adaptations tallhacks post trim fit chinos

Clever Adaptations [Post]

Clever Products Design for Tall People

Adaptations covers a long list of products helpful for tall people. Most products are designed with a certain size in mind, the size of an average person using it and they need to be adapted.

While some products are easily adjustable, others are more difficult or involved (like the drivers seat of a car, for instance). The article provides more than just a list of potentially helpful gadgets, it gives some specs, advice on using the products, where you can find them, and what reviewers are saying.