Website + Social Media Campaign

Potbelly #CraftYourOwnMac


Potbelly’s new mac and cheese menu item called for an interactive, humorous, promotional website to increase product awareness + visibility on social media channels, the #CraftYourOwnMac Name Generator. Giveaways ensued. Names were generated.


Over 100 different topping combos, personalized results based on input funnel and the letter’s of a user’s name.


Custom results image with overlay text showing the generated name — encouraged to share on social, app integration for seamless photo posting. $100 gift cards to winners every Friday, showcased on Facebook.


Art Direction

Website Logic/Strategy

Social Contest Strategy

Account Manager

Design/Dev Management

Social Strategist (paid + organic)


Landing Page

Questions, answers, and names in the “name bank” map to the appropriate two topping combo answer. Over 20 question funnels, 180+ unique names within the name bank.

Question Funnel

Quick answer format shows one question at a time. The wackier your A/B selections are, the funnier your name.

Results Page

Users can enter giveaway, share on social, run the generator again. Potbelly Objectives: grow email database, increase visibility on social, promote hashtag #craftyourownmac

potbelly mac and cheese landing page
Potbelly CraftYourOwnMac by lindsay kaymen

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