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HUMMER Integrated Campaign Book

In 2010, the HUMMER’s previous public relations campaigns were only semi-successful in combating negative opinions, leaving the H3 in dire need of acknowledgement as a smaller, more fuel-efficient model released to fit the needs of today’s SUV owners.


This PR strategy includes creative sponsorships, promotions, events, and contests that address those issues, lock down goals, and confront potential setbacks. Filling in any unaddressed gaps within the full integrated campaign,  it’s the bow that ties all the messaging together.

Most importantly, these promotions and sponsorships grew out of more pressing news: GM decided to scrap the HUMMER brand halfway through developing this campaign. Suddenly there was a new goal, and it was obvious: sell all remaining 2010 H3’s.


Together with the research, strategy selection, creative messaging, and media plan, this campaign stops at nothing to address every potential sell and every potential naysayer.

My role in this project was Public Relations Director. Working with a team of 5 others, we crafted the campaign strategy then built out our respective sections: research, account direction, creative, media planning, and PR.

The entire project follows the same format and rules as the ACC’s NSAC competition. Within the scope of UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication, the campaign won first place and received special accolades like “Best Campaign in 10 Years.”




Layout and Design


Project Management

print ad revival of the fittest creative messaging
print ad evolution creative messaging
stop collecting outdoor ad revival of the fittest creative messaging
TV ad Revival of the Fittest creative messaging

Summer of HUMMER Promotion

The Details:

Objective: initiate H3 purchases  | Runtime: April – August 2010

  1. Trade in your HUMMER for a 2010 H3 model and receive 20% off
  2. Upgrade your HUMMER with new specs and customize your exterior
  3. Trade in your GM SUV and receive % off a new 2010 H3



Campaign Unity:


“Revival of the Fittest” Messaging 

Reinforces campaign message that HUMMER is an American icon, something to be proud of. Targets existing, loyal customers (turns HUMMER owners into prospective customers).

“Evolution” Messaging

Calls out to current owners with rebirth-evolution messaging. Emphasizes value
of 2010 model over less fuel-efficient models, outdated safety and technology features.

“Evolution” Interactive Tool

Interactive web tool lets shoppers try on 2010 features and “evolve” the HUMMER or other vehicle they own into something better. Upload your current HUMMER, SUV, or other model to build, explore, compare, or try on some 2010 upgrades.

Sponsorships + Contests + Events

Ironman World Championship

Message: HUMMER + Ironman athletes have an exceptional commonality — built to do more.

H3 partners up with the World Triathlon Corporation, owner of Ironman, to replace the title “Ford World Championship” (2005-2008) with 2011 HUMMER Ironman World Championship. The race has major impact and reach, receiving media coverage by huge networks like NBC, CNN, Sports Illustrated, and the 90,000+ athletes that attempt to qualify each year. H3 Ironman Special Edition, co-partnerships with Gatorade and Powerbar, and a new custom H3+Ironman branded logo for promo items.

Corporate Event Sponsorship


Runtime: May 2010 – April 2011

ESPN X Games Partnership 

HUMMER gets active with an edge sponsoring the 2010 Summer X Games in LA and 2010 Winter X Games in Mount Snow, Vermont. R3VIVE HUMMER hooks up with XGE, an advocacy group for recycling and alternative fuel use, and engage attendees at ESPN’s Interactive Village and X-Fest, a live music event inside The Games.

The ‘side events’ give HUMMER a vehicle to drive eco-friendly items into hands of spectators while connecting the brand with an environmental organization. Promo gear and swag designed to promote waste reduction, like thermals, water bottles, and solar power cell phone chargers.

Sponsorship of the ESPN X Games


Runtime: August 2010 – January 2011

eBay Charitable Auction

Bidders compete to win an incredible package including the decked out HUMMER H3 Ironman Special Edition, a trip to the HUMMER World Championship Ironman Competition in Hawaii, and trip to the X Games of their choice (in Mount Snow or LA).

Designed to benefit a variety of charitable organizations worldwide and replace images of greed, over-consumption, arrogance, gas-guzzling SUVs, anti-environmentalism. All proceeds go to charitable partners including The American Red Cross and their HOPE program (HUMMER Owners Prepared for Emergencies), the WWWF, and Habitat for Humanity.

Cause Marketing, Charitable Partnerships


Runtime: October 24, 2010 — November 20, 2010

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