Flowchart Infographic

So you’ve decided to send flowers to someone — that’s a great idea! Giving flowers is one of the simplest and most beautiful ways to show your consideration.


This infographic helps decide what kind of flowers to send for different kinds of relationships or on different occasions. Just follow the flowchart to match the flower delivery recipient to a beautiful and handcrafted Flowers for Dreams arrangement.



You could be sending a message very different than you intended depending on a flower’s meaning. Even though they’re a simple gift, flowers for mom will be different than flowers for your boss or lover — flowers are full of symbolism that reveal your intentions and feelings.


For you, there’s help. For you, we created this infographic here that lays out all the choices at Chicago’s most unique flower delivery company. Posted to their blog. Curated for social. Designed to help.



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Behind The Scenes

If you ever get a chance to pop by the Flowers for Dreams “offices,” you are in for such a treat.


These photos were taken “behind the scenes” of a video shoot for promoting the brand and exposing the truly quaint, truly original faces behind Chicago’s trendiest, philanthropic flower delivery service. Every bouquet benefits an amazing local charity.


Tucked away in Fulton Market, buckets of exotic and beautiful locally grown flowers fill the first floor of a gutted, rustic rehabbed warehouse.


FFD employs a remarkable ensemble of young, interesting people. Each of them with their own artistic flair and role; each a necessity to run the business.